KTS: dentistry

I had a bone graft done to the left side of my jaw this afternoon. That meant starting work at 6:00ish, running out to catch the bus at 2:30, and sitting still while the dentist did stuff to my mouth I don't want to think about right now. (I have a great dentist. Which is just as well, because even though my mouth looks okay to the casual observer seeing me smile, it's always trying to dissolve itself).

As the luck of the TTC would have it, I got to the dentist's early. So I knitted the hearts & harps (Kristi) socks on the subway, knitted some more in the waiting room, then knitted more again while the local anaesthetic took hold and the paste made from amalgam and cadaver's bone tissue cured. Then I went home, took my painkillers and antibiotics, and knitted some more in ice pack sessions to reduce the swelling.

So despite acquiring a Frankenmouth, I got a lot of knitting done today. The hearts & harps sock has its heel turned and instep started. The double knitted jacket has a black skein of yarn in the correct dye lot added, and is on its way to catching up to where it was before.

For the next three or four days, I'm supposed to relax, speak as little as possible, and live on soft, preferably liquid, foods. Sounds like a great opportunity to knit.

Three more hours until the next round of painkillers...