KTS: this too is part of the process

This morning, right before I went to work, I opened the blinds in the living room and took a good hard look at the double knitted jacket. The change in dye lots showed up less than it had under the halogen lights the night before... but it still showed up. Weirdly for matte cotton/acrylic yarn, it seems to depend on what angle the knitting is held up to the light. Unfortunately, the difference in shades seems to show up the most when the fabric is held vertically, or almost below the light source — the same angle the finished jacket  would be at if I was wearing it.

So today around lunchtime I had an emergency phone summit with the ever-practical J-A, who pointed out that even if the change in the shade of black wasn't noticeable to most passers-by, I would know about it and it would bother me every time I wore the jacket. I'm planning on wearing the jacket a lot once it's done.

Therefore, tonight's "progress" consisted of ripping out the ten rows I'd done in the different dye lot, and winding up the black and steel blue balls of yarn (which, as you might expect, twisted around each other a lot). The whole process took about an hour. The jacket itself is hanging from a smaller circular needle while it waits for me to start knitting it again tomorrow.

I'm sorry to lose those ten rows, but I'm trying to keep in mind what all needleworkers have to be mindful of when taking out work: undoing work is a temporary setback, but a mistake in finished work is forever.

I have two more skeins of the 34902A dye lot left, which supposedly is the dye lot I've been using so far (could there be three? I doubt it, and I really don't want to think about it right now). That leaves three skeins of the 34902 yarn for the sleeves and collar, where the change in shade won't be as noticeable, or at least will be able to justify a Pee Wee Herman-style "I did that on purpose" claim.

Meh. As reverse knitting moves go, it wasn't too bad (GAAAAHHHHHH!).

No, really, it wasn't.

At least the sock is still in decent shape. So far.