KTS: appointments

I always hate it when people ask how long it takes to knit something of type X, where X is a pair of socks/mittens/gloves/a hat/sweater/cardigan/blanket. There are so many variables, and they're not always obvious. For instance, from a purely mechanistic viewpoint, a plain item may take less time than one with a complex pattern, but that doesn't factor in that the plain item may well bore the knitter to tears, whereas the patterned item keeps things interesting.

Another variable is that knitting tends to get done when you're waiting for other things to happen. Today I knitted a bit on the streetcar, then knitted while I waited for my chiropractic appointment. Then I knitted on the TTC some more, taking a streetcar, bus, and subway to my dentist's. Then I knitted in the waiting room until it was time to check the bone graft and make sure the swelling that happened when I was asleep last night was indeed no big deal (it wasn't).

Naturally, I knitted all the way home, before spending some quality time with an ice pack and dropping into unconsciousness having a four-hour nap.

All that time in between other things means that the instep is now completed on the hearts & harps (Kristi) sock. In fact, I'm almost done the second of three rows of motifs on the foot of the sock. In theory, I could be done this thing tomorrow.

It just depends on how much waiting around I have to do, I guess.