KTS: ridiculous, but then right

Tonight I got home to work on my hearts & harps (aka Kristi) sock, and was all ready to do the first rounds of the cable pattern and celebrate getting some real progress done...

when I found out I made a mistake on the cuff again. No, really. It's okay, J-A was on the phone with me when I found out and she already mocked me soundly.

So I ripped, and re-did. This time I realised I had been incorrect the other six times. I have to size up the sock to fit me, and that meant increasing the total number of stitches in the sock. I thought I'd skipped the increase round and included the final total number of leg stitches right from the cuff, but now I realise that isn't right.

It's fixed now, for real, and I have a round and a half of Bavarian cabled stitches to prove that the sock is finally on its way to being finished. Here's photographic proof:

Cheshin gave me that pillow a long time ago, and somehow it seems extra-appropriate tonight.

I am very, very happy to be past the cuff part on this sock. I am dreading what I'm going to screw up next. But first, I'm going to work on the double knitted jacket for a bit to celebrate (what do you mean, get a life?).