KTS: five

Remember how last post I was so happy to finally get to the cables of the second hearts & harps sock? Especially since it took me four tries to get the thing cast one and ribbed correctly?

[deep breath]

It so turns out that one of the symbols in the ribbing chart is wrong. I always thought it was weird, because it's two symbols that don't go together superimposed on each other. I decided to follow one of the symbols. I was wrong.

This is the problem with having a gap of over a year between one sock and the next in a pair.

Now, in traditional blogging fashion, I know I'm supposed to enumerate my hysterics, the support and jeering I received at the hands of friends and relatives. And so on. And so forth. But really, that sort of stuff's for newbies. An experienced knitter does this:

[mutters "oh fuck" under their breath]

[rips out the mistake and leaves it for 24 hours]

Yeah, not nearly as dramatic, perhaps not as fun to read about, but, I would argue, a better use of time.

So tonight I will cast on that sock for, yes, the fifth time, and I'm setting the double-knit jacket aside until I'm sure the sock is going the right way.

Because this is just getting ridiculous.