KTS: knitting before the crash

Yesterday was the day after the hottest day of the summer (so far) in Toronto. I wound up working from my company's downtown office, which I love because, among other nice side benefits, it lets me knit to and from work on the TTC. The second hearts & harps sock is about halfway to his first pattern repeat, in fact.

Everyone I talked to yesterday seemed spaced out and tired, most of them blaming it on the weather. Apparently I wasn't any exception, because I conked out almost as soon as I got home. So no blog. But knitting, yes, knitting got done.

Today more knitting got done as well, because I had a chiropractor's appointment and got to knit in the waiting room. The second hearts & harps sock continues to make progress, and even the double-knitted jacket has had some more work done on it.

So I was down for a bit yesterday, but I'm not out. Knit on...