KTS: the productivity-enhancing powers of the TTC

The second hearts & harps sock now has one set of motifs done on it. And no, I'm not going to post a photo just yet, because I hate it when people post photos of their works-in-progress every time they get two more rows done on them. Put it this way: I'm a third of the way down the leg part. Here's the photo of the first, finished sock so you can gauge it yourself:

By the chart, it's almost twenty rounds done.

It's 20 days into the meta-project of Knit That Shit. That means I have 164 days left until the deadline. The meta-project consists of 15 individual items to be completed. So that makes (runs to spreadsheet for a moment)... okay, going by the calculations, on average I should be getting something finished — finished finished —  every 12-13 days.

And it's twenty days in and I have sweet fucking all.


Okay, this weekend has to be about beating that. This weekend has to be about beating that because, 20 days in, I've gone from 15 things unfinished to 15 things slightly less unfinished.

But it's okay.

I have a plan.