KTS: getting somewhere

Today was a good puttering-around day, which I needed. Put it this way, I'm working an extra half-day tomorrow on the day job, and expecting more overtime throughout the week (plus busy-ness from family things). So today I just enjoyed walking around my neighbourhood, running errands, watching DVDs at home, and knitting.

The hearts & harps (Kristi) sock is starting its second set of motifs in the leg section.

The double-knit jacket continues to go slowly, but it's going. Sometime in the past couple of days I've realised that both of the projects I decided to focus on for KTS had an Art Deco look to them: the socks in their wandering cables that manifest into different motifs and then zigzag morph into a different motif; and the Central Park jacket that has a similar tendril look, but rendered through colourwork.

As I've said before, I hate it when people post progress photos every two centimetres, but I did find a finished photo of a Central park jacket on Flickr if you want to see. I love the orange variegated yarn paired with black that the knitter chose — so autumnal and vibrant. Scroll through the rest of their photos too — there's some gorgeous work there. The Celtic scrolls (hey, I have that book too!) look great, and I think I might have the diamond pattern in one of my books too. Very inspirational.

Tomorrow I still plan to Finish Something. It's not either of the things I've been working on thus far, but I know it will take me about an hour once I sit down and do it. So I may as well do it, and be able to claim a success.

I need to have 2-3 "successes" each month in order to get done in the six months for this meta-project. Yikes.