KTS: also-ran / predictive

Tonight is the deadline for the first knitting sprint, and in case the previous posts did not tip you off: no, I didn't make it to the armholes on the double knitted jacket. However, I did make decent progress, and I got a lot of the planning (re)done, so I'm pleased. I'm sure I'll be even more pleased when I get to wear said jacket, but tonight I'll take what I can get.

Usually I post a KTS blog just after I've given up on knitting for the day. Today I'm about to start (okay, after a little bit more of tooling around on the computer). The Cheshin is visiting Toronto this weekend, so I did a bit of tidying up in readiness. Although far from as tidy as I want it to be (that's partly what KTS is about, clearing up space), it's a lot better than it was twenty-four hours ago.

If it's still the weekend when you read this, enjoy.