KTS: the light pours out of me

I wound up working on the double knitted jacket on the TTC again today, and had one of Those Conversations. If you've ever made stuff in public, you know how they go.

A woman asked what I was making, so I told her and showed her the photo of the finished jacket in my pattern book. She oohed and aaahed over it for a few seconds, then said she could barely manage granny squares. Uh huh. In point of  fact, granny squares and double knitting are roughly equal in complexity, but I knew I wasn't going to win that argument. Instead I just said you can do a lot with granny squares (it's true, after all), and told her about Attic 24. Attic 24 is a great place to go if you need inspiration.

That was the other thing: the woman told me I was inspiring several times during our brief conversation. She asked me twice about Attic 24 and said she was going to hit the internet and find it as soon as she got home.

It's funny: if you work on something creative in public, sooner or later you will get told you are inspirational. Yet most people don't even bring a book to read on their commute.

I think the perfect transit situation would be everyone on the bus or subway reading, knitting, embroidering, or whatever else took their fancy. Machine-knit sock and mitten sales would plummet, but there would be fewer bored people in the world.