KTS sonuvabitch

It's an early report today on the progress of KTS, simply because it's not clear if I'll be able to do any. It's disgustingly hot and humid in Toronto right now, has been all week and will be for the week after today, and that plus some housecleaning I did yesterday was enough to get my right shoulder inflamed. (She gets hurt from housecleaning? you're thinking. Yes, I do, and the x-rays exist to show why I do. Housecleaning for me is as much a matter of strategy as it is of simple chores, and yesterday I calculated incorrectly.)

So, after a night of waking up in pain and stumbling to the kitchen every four hours to take another course of meds, I'm now typing this in the local pub, having decided it was better to pay someone to cook for me than agitate the shoulder any more by making it shift pots and pans around.

And yes, typing agitates things too, so I'm going to stop doing that now. Tomorrow I'll post about whether or not I got anything done.