my so-called real life

I've been one of those people who's "into" computers since I was about twelve, so I'm not quite sure what's been going on lately, but it's like this: I just haven't been using my computer at home every day.

There, I said it.

What have I been doing instead? All the stuff I would normally do off a computer, just more of it. I've been taking long walks. I've been cooking. I've been reading more books. I've been knitting. I have been thinking about my writing, although I have not actually been doing any — more like visualisation exercises or focused daydreaming. So I feel like I've been writing even though I haven't been.

I've been getting my internet fix every morning when the alarm on my tablet goes off at 5:15am (ugh), and I wake up by checking my e-mail and the weather.

The tablet usage itself might explain what's going on. The tablet only gets powered down when it needs to be rebooted (once, maybe twice a week). Compared to that instant access, starting up my laptop — even though Ubuntu has a decent startup time —seems to take ages. Even though I ditched my desk over a year ago and always compute from the comfort of my living room couch, the tablet is a lot smaller, a lot less demanding.

Do I want to join the ranks of Luddites who only use computers because their jobs demand it, or just to pay bills and reserve library books? Absolutely not. Before I kept everything on a laptop, I kept everything in a single paper notebook, and I know the electronic version is much better for me.

Starting last week, though, I've started to feel the need to put myself out there again. I've been tweeting more. I've been commenting on blogs more. I wrote a rant on my DIY blog, and now have these musings here.

Maybe it's been an involuntary sabbatical. Do you ever feel like you just need to get away from the virtual crowds for a while?