20 years

I was going to post to my DIY blog today about some stuff that I've made whilst getting my writing mojo back. I was going to post here about some writing tools I've been using, old and new, in the hopes that it might help other people along with their own tool-using. I was going to comment on some literary events that started last week, and on some communication oddities I've been noticing. Mostly I was going to return the blog to its update-on-Sunday schedule.

But then I saw the date, and read over at Broadsides that it's not just the anniversary of the Montreal massacre today — it's the 20th anniversary.

So someday, maybe even next Sunday, I'll blog about some of that other stuff.

Today is already full of far more important things.

Please take a moment to remember the women who died, as well as the four who survived, and the ones who tried to stop the shooter.