no pressure or anything

This is where the most-finished boot cuffs for the nieces were at, as of this afternoon:

That's supposed to be a panda on the left, and a Japanese-style cartoon kitty (like a Hello Kitty) on the right. I feel pretty good about the panda, but am not entirely pleased with the kitty. However, that might just be because she's not supposed to have a mouth.

The panda shows how the boot cuffs get worn — with the ribbed part around the wearer's leg and the cute animal part cuffed over. The kitty shows the full structure.

The other two cuffs are knitted, but not embroidered. I also have to knit two sets of ears (one panda, one kitty), and one more pink bow.

Then it's back to the tiger jacket, which is looking less and less likely to get done on time. Oh well, technically it's for the elder niece's birthday. Erm, which gives me an extra week.