DIYers are batshit

So, what do you get up to on Friday nights? Watch a film, maybe? Have a cuddle with your boyfriend/girlfriend/both?

This is a DIY blog, so you already know I got up to no good.

Tonight, I was playing around with ground glass and industrial chemicals, all in an effort to make something pretty.People who like to make their own stuff are all batshit the same way.

But you have to understand. I started making a bracelet, but needed a clasp for it. The clasp I wanted (a five-loop slide clasp) wasn't as easy to find as it should have been, but the helpful bead shop clerk suggested these 5-to-1 connectors. Great! Just the thing!

But you see, they had a part in the middle for a cabochon, and I couldn't find any to match the bracelet bits I'd already made.

So I ground up some glass in my mortar with my pestle, putting a small plastic bag over top so bits of glass wouldn't go everywhere. Safety first!
You can see a bit of the bracelet in the top right. It's a blend of blue and white-blue beads, so I made a 50:50 mix when I ground them up.

Next, I mixed up some Ice Resin, spooned the ground glass into the cab part of the connectors, and then dropped Ice Resin over the glass with a toothpick. The resin picked up the glass bits and I had to sort of roll the resulting mixture around to get it to stay. The final step was to drop extra bits of ground glass onto any connectors which looked a bit light on colorant. Here are the connectors with the resin curing:
Tomorrow I'll check them for sharp edges and file them with my new jewelry files if I have to. It's just a touch of colour, but it will be nice once the beaded strands are added. I have enough for a couple of bracelets, a necklace, and a couple of earrings.

I wonder what it's like just to be happy buying whatever's available without changing it up.