Von Braun had his rockets, Asimov the three laws of robotics... I've got into teleportation. Partly this is because I live in a city that's rated as one of the worst in the world for commuting in. Partly it's because I'm a big fan of public transportation.

Partly it's because I wish humans would think things through better before they go off and build. Teleportation technology is in its infancy now; now is the time to think the ethics through.

The biggest technological constraint you'll see in these stories is that I decided to go with an engineering solution closer to what was depicted in The Fly than in Star Trek. The teleportation system has dedicated arrival and departure pads — you can't just teleport off to anywhere you have the "co-ordinates" for, and you can't arrive and depart from the same pads (although in terms of practical construction, they tend to be built right next to each other in the stories).

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