#fridayflash: the rules

Very Important Note: None of these apply to you. No-one has ever said these things to you. This is not about you.

  1. There are no rules.
  2. Just be yourself.
  3. You don't get to know why. (there may not be a reason)
  4. You do get to talk (or at least, you ought to).
  5. You do get to listen (or at least, you ought to).
  6. You cannot understand this by writing out rules for it.
  7. Don't shut them down.
  8. Do express yourself.
  9. Don't open up too much.
  10. Do open up a little.
  11. As we were saying, just be yourself.... except for that. Don't do that, not on a first introduction especially. Actually, if you could stop doing that altogether, that would be nice. But we're not judging!
  12. And stop acting like a neurotic freak.
  13. Don't get nervous or uptight.
  14. Relax.
  15. Don't talk about anything too personal at first.
  16. Be open and friendly.
  17. Don't get self-conscious.
  18. Think about how exactly you're presenting yourself.
  19. Just be yourself!
  20. Don't talk about sex until it's clear they're comfortable with the topic.
  21. If they talk about sex right away, it means they're not good relationship material. Move on!
  22. Don't make assumptions.
  23. Things don't always happen right away.
  24. You can tell by the end of the first date.
  25. Don't analyse everything to death.
  26. Don't put friends in the middle.
  27. Remember who your friends are.
  28. You don't need rules. You need to just be yourself.
  29. There are no rules.
  30. Except for that.