Iceland May 2014

I got back from Iceland a couple of weeks ago, but I'm still playing catch-up with photo-organising, food-making, timezone-adjusting, and all those other things that go with a vacation.

The short version: I'm already planning on when I'm going back.

The long version: is too big for this blog space, but hey, if you see me IRL you can always ask me about it. One thing I do want to point out, just like I did last time I visited Amsterdam, is that Reykjavík has dedicated bike lanes, separated from the main road. The first photo in the gallery shows the sidewalk/bike lane beside a four-lane highway across the road from the hotel I stayed at. This is most decidedly not right downtown — right downtown the traffic is effectively calm enough for bikes and cars to share the space, just because the cars can't move that fast through the streets.

Come on, Toronto. If a city of 200,000 people can figure out bike lanes, we can too. And if that city is at 64 degrees north latitude, it's time for us to stop using "oh, but we get winter in Toronto!" as an excuse not to put in bike lanes every place we possibly can.

Okay, onto a small sample of the 300+ photos I took during my four-day trip: