nature in nature exhibit

This past week saw my friend Cathy's first-ever photo exhibit, hosted at The Gladstone Hotel's Art Bar. Just because I heard this question asked over and over again during the evening launch event, I feel obliged to mention off the top that none of these images have been Shopped at all. It's just Cathy, a DSLR, the plants, and a lot of patience. She doesn't even use a fancy lens; she says it's just a case of getting right up to the plant until the camera is almost touching it and then getting the focus right. The depth of field is very shallow, so the backgrounds look like they were painted in, but it's the shot construction giving that effect.

The photos filled one brick wall:
And two plaster walls:
I love how the rather plain gallery space shows up how much the photos are full of colour and texture. They aren't just "pretty flower" photos — most of the plants used for the photos are either dead or dying — but it's like the title of the exhibit says: the nature in nature is exposed.

Cathy found a way cool mod dress to wear to the launch event:
There was a good turnout —lots of interesting (and interested) people showed up:
The exhibit ended today, but if you want view/purchase info, you can contact Cathy via the info on her Twitter home page.