adventures in urban ornithology

The Eyrea is turning into a bit of a war zone lately, with the province of day job trying to conquer the rest, including blogging time. I'm trying to work through it (literally) and look forward to peace and harmony being restored. In the short term, it's a bit of a pity because I have two (two!) short stories on the go I'd love to get finished, plus I'm partway into editing last year's NaNoWriMo novel. I also have about four things I want to blog about. This one is the easiest: I think I spotted a baby pigeon! Normally you never see urban pigeons until they're full-grown, but I snapped this one with its grey feathers half grown in (see highlight circle in the photo below). It was about -20C the day I took the photo, so the pigeons were all on the subway grate trying to keep warm.