June's West End Stories & how we amuse ourselves

I missed May's West End Stories because I had to work that weekend, but I made it to June's. They were last night, and a good time was had by all. Once again there was sort of a hive-mind "DJing" of stories going on. Pat, who went last, did a great job of telling a short-and-sweet Aesop's fable that tied together three previously-told stories from earlier in the evening. Entertainment doesn't get any more interactive than this.

Last weekend I got together with some friends near Kensington Market. We sat on a blanket in the park and talked. We admired the ever-creative Tara's watercolours from her recent trip to Ireland. I took photos (some of them have been added to my photo stream), and we tried to help the ever-sensible Nichole decide what kind of bicycle to buy. The ever-effervescent Fiona had some great advice about what bikes were on sale in which stores.

Later, Tara and I walked downtown. There was some sort of event going on at Yonge-Dundas Square, for Luminato, I think. There were tents where you could get makeovers, crowds (and crowds and crowds) of people, a swing band, and giant LED billboards everywhere. We marvelled that less than half an hour's walk away we had been sitting in a blanket in a quiet park, watching retro-hippies do yoga and tai chi moves.

This is not some Luddite comment on how much better blanket-sitting and story-telling are than big urban cultural events. But I will say that I think variety makes you appreciate each event better. It certainly keeps one from being bored.