#craftblogclub spring gift swap: oodles of cool cards!

Yesterday I blogged about what I sent Zoe in Beckenham as part of the #craftblogclub spring clean gift swap. Today I want to show the lovely cute cards she made and sent to me:


Each motif is made up of one or more pieces of fabric, which have been very carefully cut out and glued to the cards. The precison on these is what really pulls them off. The cards are, conveniently, left blank inside, which is what I prefer. And, it just so happens, they are all in my favourite colour scheme too! 

Zoe thoughtfully included matching envelopes, so I don't have to worry about finding some in the right size when I use them. I actually collect cool greeting cards so I always have a selecting on hand when one is needed, so this is a much-appreciated gift!

She also wrote up a very clear, detailed tutorial on her blog. Do go take a look if you want to see more photos and learn how to make your own.