strawberry steampunk: halfway

Yesterday I got to 47 hexagons done on the Strawberry Steampunk blanket — just over the halfway point towards the goal of 87 hexagons. I laid out what I had on the floor, guessing the gap to take the joining border into account, and it looked like this:

What I learned was:

  • The blanket will work as a shawl at this width, but not as a... blanket. If I can squeeze 10 more motifs out of the stash yarn, I really should.
  • I don't like the half-motif "notches" every other row, so I'm going to have to fill them in with half-hexes. Since it's going to take all the stash yarn I have to complete the motifs, probably these will be from the joining border (charcoal) yarn.
  • I like the different shades of pink! I think the variation will give it the antique look I was going for, and will be more interesting than if just three colours were used. Sometimes not having quite enough in one colour is a good thing.

I'm still aiming to get 10 motifs done per week, more if I can manage it.