almost a souvenir

Since last post, I've pledged to include the souvenir shawl in the #craftblogclub's latest challenge, which is to finish a lingering work in progress by the end of June. I only started the shawl in mid-May, but I know that if I don't push myself on it, it's going to wind up in the UFO pile. It's nice to have a slight amount of external pressure to get through these last few sections.

This is the shawl as of a few hours ago:

I have one narrow band of ostrich feather lace to do, then I'm going to knit the trellis lace in the green until I run out of yarn. And then it's wash and block time. I'm looking forward to finding out how much I can stretch this thing out.

The original pattern calls for a fringe, but I'm not much for fringes — the ones on the couple of pashminas I have are always getting unknotted, or stepped on, or fraying off. I do want to try the crochet scallop cast-off given in the book to aid in fringe-attaching, though, because I suspect it will make a nice, lacy edge all on its own.

I have at least two, and up to four, part-balls of yarn which will be left over from this. I have a crazy idea to make a scarf, beret, and possibly some gloves from them. Or if I find some woolly nylon that will match, socks. I really want to get the most possible use out of this yarn!