Somehow I've made it through the last couple of years without a scarf. My old winter coat was too high-necked to warrant one, and since I got my new coat I just haven't figured out what kind of scarf I wanted.

I finally just grabbed a free pattern off Knitty, got a skein each of red and black yarn at The Purple Purl, and had at it. Once I figured the brioche stitch lace pattern out (that took three false starts), it went very quickly.

It's reversible, and the keyhole closure means it will stay on. The only two mods I made were to have longer tails than the pattern called for (the better to fill the neck of my coat), and to inc 1 st for the red part of the keyholes for symmetry.

The scarf would be good as a second or third brioche stitch project. It might be a bit tricky as a first project. The instructions were very clear, and really there's only one pattern row or of a four-row repeat that's a bit complicated, but it's easier if you already know how brioche stitch works.