surprise heart necklaces

As recently as 3 February, I had no intention of making anything for Valentine's Day. It's not a holiday I'm that crazy about. If you're in a relationship, then you should be enjoying it more than once a year; if you're not, it's just a reminder that lots of people around you are. Blech.

But then: Kirsty over at Miss Emily's Room asked for other pairs of eyes to check a crocheted heart plushy pattern she was trying to follow, and the easiest way to do so was to make one myself. In half an hour's time (which included taking in-progress photos) I had this:

All right, so what to do with it?

Tomorrow I'll be seeing the nieces for a family get-together, and they're finally at the age where they can be trusted to wear play jewelry without strangling themselves. So I cranked out some pink and red knitted cord, twisted it together, and attached it to the crocheted heart. The results look like this:

Everything is nice and secure, so it can take a lot of play-time at the hands of pre-schoolers, but the cord is nice and stretchy to fit over heads with pony-tails.

And besides, now it's squishy and pink. That has to count for something. I'm sure they'll let me know. I made a second one so they could each have their own.

Meanwhile, I repinned a heart-shaped knot tutorial from Kate Williams's boards. I had some more spare red wool handy, so I made two more lengths of knitted cord, tried out the knot (got it on the second try!), and made knotted heart necklaces:

To me they look more like strawberries, but hey, with my nieces that works just as well. I grafted the ends together to make them stretchy yet clasp-free.

So now the nieces each have two heart necklaces to wear on Valentine's Day or whenever they please, and I got to try some new things!