photo finish

After an epic week of extreme knitting, ie: knitting every moment I was awake and not working or getting ready for work, I managed to knit the fronts, button bands, collar, and sleeves of the tiger jacket, then get it finished. It wasn't quite in the time for the nieces' birthday party, because I wound up darning in ends for almost two hours during the party itself, but at last I don't have any knitting that's on a deadline.

Here's how the final hours went down: I knitted off and on all Saturday, finally putting away my knitting needles at 3:30am Sunday. Four hours later I was up again, darning in ends and seaming. Even though I knitted in all the ends I could and clipped them off before seaming, there were still a lot of ends. I enjoy darning in ends, but it was a bit daunting on a tight deadline.

At 8:30 in the morning, the jacket pieces looked like this:

The first thing I did was a little out of the usual order — I sewed on the buttons. In this particular case, it made sense to me because it meant I could close the two fronts into one piece, making it easier to handle:
Next up was attaching the sleeves. My brother texted me that he was on his way to pick me up for the birthday party just as I had the second sleeve safety-pinned in place. I finished the seaming in the car (sooo glad it was his turn to drive this time) and started darning in the ends. The ends got finished at the party, and the finished product looked like this:
It got folded up and put on top of the toy tiger I got to match with it:
My niece seemed to be all right with the jacket (hey, she's four), but she was absolutely smitten with the tiger cub doll, and had him jumping, roaring, and talking in no time.

That's it for deadline knitting for this year. Now it's back to Knit That Shit, although the first thing I want to do is sew in the lining for the cotton purse. The knitting's already done for that part.