I took this photo last Saturday, when the reversible cabled shawl was at 85cm, or almost halfway. It's just past halfway now, at about 105cm.

It's still working out to almost exactly 10cm per pattern repeat (one left cable, one right cable), but the yarn has been gaining on the pattern repeats a little bit each time. I'm estimating that it will use up about 18 skeins of the Smart by Sandnesgarn, maybe even 17.

What definitely continues to hold true is that this is one of those patterns where you have to go as quickly as you physically can. The cable rows add some interest, as does (for me) running out of a skein and splicing on a new one, but those eleven rows of plain 2x2 rib in between those two events can get to be a drag if one doesn't keep to the objective of working through them as quickly as possible.

As for the tiger jacket... I have the pocket lining and one front started, but I've been concentrating on the shawl. I'm just not into switching back and forth right now. It will be nice to get a large project (meaning this shawl) off the needles, so full steam ahead.