KTS: seven weeks

Did you read the title on this entry? Go over it again, imagining the creepy little girl/demon from The Ring saying it. Exactly.

Today I took a glance at the little calendar I have tacked to my cubicle wall at work, and realised that in just over seven weeks I'll be on a mini-vacation with the ever-cool J-A in New York City.

Perhaps some of you may think that was an excuse to, I don't know, look forward to traveling. There is that, but more to the point of this DIY blog, what I thought was, "AUGH!!! I need to get the Central Park jacket done!"

Remember, the official designer name of the double knitted jacket is Central Park, which makes sense since it's an Art Nouveau rendition of trees and birds and all. I've been trying to avoid calling it by its name on this blog because there is a more famous pattern called the Central Park Hoodie. The hoodie is a great design, but it's not what I'm making.

So. I have about 36 more rows of the lower body, then about 60 rows of the upper body (two fronts and a back), plus the sleeves at about 90 rows each, plus the neckband... gack. If I didn't have the original KTS photo to compare, I'd think I was getting nowhere on this thing.

It's earlier for this comparison than I wanted, but here's the jacket in the state it was at the start of KTS:

And this is what it looks like as of tonight:

I've done a couple (as in two) more rows since this photo was taken. I have to get back into the squirrel cage as soon as I finish this post, but I would really like to get to the part where I skip several chart rows and move on to the tops of the trees. (The trees are the straight parts with the long curlicues sticking out of the sides.) At least once I get to the treetops, the end will be in sight.

On this project, the sky really is the limit.