KTS: perspective

Carla, Anne, J-A, and I spent the afternoon together today. Anne hadn't heard about the KTS meta-project yet, so I filled her in. When I told her I discovered I had fifteen projects on the go, she just said, "Sure, sounds about right." It was a good reminder that this isn't unusual in the knitting world — on the other hand, it's not exactly an enviable position to be in.

I still haven't had a chance to get another small project in play, so I brought the double knitted jacket along to work on. That was great and all, but I discovered at lunch I'd made a mistake on each of the four trees two rows down from where I was. I tried dropping stitches and latching them up correctly, but that's hard to do with double knitting if you need to do more than one row, so I wound up ripping out two rows entirely. But hey, I already have one row re-knitted. So the tree branches are once again just a few rows away from being completed.

The other thing that happened is that the blue yarn skein kind of... exploded. Basically a big chunk out of the centre came out while I was getting that pedicure on Wednesday. That wouldn't have been a big deal in and of itself, but it also sort of turned itself inside out, and got tangled with the tail end from the outside of the ball. In the end I wound up spending about an hour and a half untangling.

Still, net progress was made. I'm looking forward to getting this one to the point where it's worth posting a photo again.