KTS: multitasking

Today my dental recovery was sufficient that I finally went out and got that pedicure that I'd been meaning to get the whole time I've been popping painkillers and living with five stitches and tissue from a cadaver in my mouth. I thought the pedi would be a nice relaxing thing to do, especially since the nail place is practically across the road from me and wouldn't be a big effort to get to.

Of course, what I didn't factor in is that in order to walk across the road to the nice relaxing nail salon, you need to be relatively awake in the first place. That's hard for me to do while I'm on antibiotics and ibuprofen.

Anyways, I finally made it over, and brought the double knitted jacket with me. I knitted while I waited for a pedicure chair to become free. I knitted while my pedicure was being done. I knitted while I waited for the new nail polish on my toes to dry.

Altogether about four rows got done, which considering that the jacket is 420 stitches of solid chart work each row is pretty good.

The jacket is still about six rows short of being in the same place it was when I noticed the issue with the dye lots. Still, it's moving along.

As for the "short and easy" project to replace the now-finished hearts & harps socks: there are a lot of candidates this early in the game, but ultimately I decided to go with lining the cotton handbag, if only because if I get going on it now I might actually get some use out of it this summer. Thus far I've retrieved the handbag and found some suitable fabric in my stash. The next step is to pin out the handbag so I can make pattern pieces from parchment paper. Say that fast three times.