KTS: well that sucks

This morning I found four of the crocheted flowers I need for the Doris Daymat Mark II, plus the yarn with which to make some more. This is reassuring, because I only remembered two flowers, and it means that I'm a little bit further ahead than I thought I was.

That's the good news. The bad news is that I also discovered one more project to go on the KTS list: a fractal jacket I started about four years ago whilst standing in queues at the Toronto International Film Festival. The previous year I had knitted most of a Sunrise Circle jacket in the queues (people would check nervously on my progress, realising it was a tangible way to see just how long you wind up standing in those queues with your pre-ordered ticket).

So the year after the Sunrise Circle I decided to make a fractal jacket with random stripes using the snakeskin rule from Debbie New. Because, you know, nothing makes standing in line at a film festival more fun than carting around 600g of knitting yarn and constantly searching for flat surfaces on which to roll a six-sided die (to determine the row height of the next stripe). Any time I got a weird look from someone, I'd explain that I finished nearly an entire jacket in line the previous year, so I needed a bigger challenge. Usually they'd come around and say something encouraging. Usually.

Tonight I got some more done on the double knitted jacket, but also had some more depressing thoughts about it. More on that tomorrow.