KTS: the numbers

I don't seem to be having any trouble finding opportunities to work on my easier, more portable projects. Tomorrow I'm going to the Picasso exhibit at the AGO, then run around getting some errands done downtown. Sunday I may wind up watching the new Spider-Man film with J-A & G (woo hoo! culture weekend!).

That leaves the double knitting jacket to work on. It's still portable enough to, say, bring over to someone's house (if it's a knitting-friendly environment), but it's too awkward to work on in transit.

There's also a time-and-labour factor to it. There's about 60 rows to the armholes (depending on how much I wind up taking out to accommodate how much yarn I have left). A row takes nearly half an hour to work. So if I get 3 rows done every day on it, that means it will take 20 days just to get to the armholes. That leaves the upper back, upper fronts, and sleeves to do on top of that.

That's too long. Thus starts the first Knit that Shit Sprint: get to the armholes by this time (Friday night) next week.

There's a temptation to say, "Okay, so 12 rows in 5 days, plus a couple of days for slack," but in real life stuff like this gets done on the weekends. In other words, Saturday and Sunday nights' posts better show some real progress.

On that joyful note, I'm going to settle in to do a few more rows before I go to bed tonight.