KTS: milestones within sight

Today was another day of feeling crappy, except I worked from home instead of taking a sick day (and actually managed to stay awake long enough to do a day's work!). The evening was spent concentrating on the double knitted jacket. For reference, when the whole Knit That Shit meta-project started, the jacket looked like this:
The bottom section is the "tree roots" or below-ground part of the pattern. The part where ground becomes contrast and vice versa is where the "sky" or above-ground part starts. The sky part is now almost twice as big as the tree roots part. To put it another way, the piece in the photo was about 32 cm long. Now it's about 45 cm long.

I have four more rows of following the chart faithfully, and then I get to make two jumps that will let me skip about 30 rows in total. After that it's about 20 rows to the armhole shaping.

When I get to the armhole shaping I'll take another photo. It'll be easier than, because that's when the piece gets divided into three sections to work the fronts and the back separately.

That's the thing about knitting, as opposed to quicker tasks like (ahem) cooking, which I love to do as well, but it really is a whole different mindset. If you only leave yourself the goal of finishing a knitted piece, you're either going to get discouraged very quickly or spend your entire knitting career making doorknob cozies. You need in-between goals to keep going.