much better

In retrospect this was an incredibly stupid thing to do when I was coming off a bout of stomach flu, but I'm glad that the washroom is repainted, and in a colour I like too:

It took two quarts of the new colour to fix the one quart of painting disaster I blogged about last time. Thanks to the bit of mirror I managed to get in the shot, you can see what the paint looks like without the flash bouncing off it as well. (You can also see that I do not have, nor will I ever have, matching towels.)

Here's the shot I took of the wall behind the washroom door, after I'd spackled but before I'd started painting:

This was the worst wall for filling in holes left by unused towel racks and the like, but two other walls had spackling too. You can see why I had to repaint.

The new green is surprisingly neutral, not too dark (despite being on a "dark colours" paint card), and hasn't come off in the shower yet.

This means that I'm officially done the "stuff I meant to paint" part of the redecorating of this apartment — the main living area is exactly the colour I wanted (a pale yellow tending towards cream). I was pretty lucky when I bought this place: the previous owner had done some lovely upgrades, everything was in good repair, and the colours were along the lines of what I liked. Except for a dripping tap, nothing has had to be done with any urgency. Everything else that I would like to do is a) expensive and b) involves hiring people, so I plan on holding off for a while, at least until I get better organised.