Moving, DIY style

I haven't blogged in exactly a month, because every spare moment has been spent on packing. I've been 100% dedicated to DIY, though, and here's proof.
  • As soon as I got the keys to my new place, I walked over to, let myself in, and walked around, checking everything over. Then I opened the closets and estimated how much would be dedicated to clothing and how much to yarn stash.

  • When I went to the laundry room and flicked on the light switch, I noticed that the light bulb didn't have a cover and immediately thought, "Hm, wonder if I could bead something. That could be a good excuse to use up miscellaneous seed beads — or those lampwork beads that don't match anything!"

  • As I pack my kitchen and washroom (the two rooms that are being moved tonight, so help me), I am alternating layers of breakable items like drinking glasses with layers of yarn skeins. The yarn is also being used to keep boxes of books from getting too heavy.

  • One of my new neighbours helped show me which keys fit where in the parking garage, including my storage locker. He recommended getting a set of storage shelves for the locker, especially if I make preserves. "I do! Thanks for mentioning!" was my immediate reply.

  • I'm not quite sure where the couch is going to go, but I know where my work-in-progress baskets will be relative to it.

  • I already have the spot for my working chair (writing, blogging, planning out textile and jewelry projects) picked out.

  • I took a quick flip through my favourite seasonal cookbook and picked out a blackberry/lime drink to make when my friends come over to help me Saturday.

Okay, back to the boxes... next time I post here will probably be sometime in mid-August. I plan to take advantage of the new place's central air conditioning to get more done at night (but promise to keep the AC at an environmentally-friendly level).