Mystery solved -- mittens lost

I just became self-employed in the past year. That means that last week I took all my envelopes of receipts, remittances, and government forms to my new accountant (he actually has lots of experience, but he's new to me).

The conundrum was that I needed a bag to put all my envelopes of papers into. It's a tough call -- you don't want to use a bag you're going to need, but you don't want to show up with a bag that looks stupid, either.

I duly dug around in my Box of Bags, and discovered a plain black messenger bag I hadn't looked at in a while. Wow, I thought to myself, this is in good shape. I should start using it again. I remembered that I used to over-fill it and kill my shoulder with the weight, but the bag was in great shape -- just needed some brushing down.

mittens with the moth holes tactfully obscured
I opened it up to check if I'd left anything inside, and discovered a dark grey pair of hand-made mittens. Perfect! I'm constantly losing/ruining mittens, and the ones I made this year were crap because I was too lazy to dig up the pattern I'd been using since I was twelve years old and I screwed up the thumb shaping (in different ways on each mitten). So I tried the newly-discovered ones on, figuring I could put them away with my other winter things and be ahead of the game for once next winter. It was also nice to find this pair again, because I remembered losing them, and got the satisfaction of that "A-ha!" moment when what was lost becomes found again.

There was only one problem.

Moths had found the left one before I had.