Tilly with the Others: #tuesdayserial

Tilly with the Others is a serial published on Tuesdays. It's a science fiction story about truth, sanity, and the many uses of tinfoil.

Part 1: in which we meet Tilly, her son Owen, and her daughter-in-law Beth. Tilly attends a funeral and tries to explain to Owen that she does not want to live in a suburban retirement home.

Part 2: in which Tilly gets settled in her new apartment and learns that the Others are looking for her. It's a good thing tinfoil's on sale this week.

Part 3: in which Tilly returns to the suburbs just long enough to make it through the first round of Pizza Tela job interviews.

Part 4: in which both Toronto's transit system and Tilly's relationship with her son are distressingly normal. And then the Others make direct contact for the first time!

Part 5: in which Tilly's dreams can't even begin to compete with what passes for everyday in the Annex.

Part 6: in which Tilly is reminded that even city-wide pizza chains can be dumber than an 11th-grade kid.

Part 7: in which Tilly indulges in some minor anti-corporate disobedience and gets some more messages from the Others.

Part 8: in which Tilly remembers that there used to be more to life than balancing spreadsheets and running errands.

Part 9: in which a visit is scheduled, and Tilly learns that sometimes double-edged swords are made from tinfoil.

Part 10: in which we get a glimpse of some of Tilly's earlier encounters with the Others.

Part 11: in which Tilly receives a secret message.

Part 12: in which Tilly hedges her bets — and stumbles on what may be a plausible explanation.

Part 13: in which we get a sample of what's in Tilly's library.

Part 14: in which Tilly has an underwhelming start to the pizza-ordering business, but makes up for it by receiving a very important e-mail.

Part 15: in which Tilly reads Emily's e-mail and finds out that things are a little too much as they seem.

Part 16: in which Tilly tries to run away from the implications of Emily's e-mail, but just winds up running into herself.

Part 17: in which Tilly realises that being rational will not work.

Part 18: in which Beth calls Tilly and... acts like Beth. Tilly gets a surprise visitor — or does she?

Part 19: in which Tilly acts like any other solo apartment dweller when they see a stranger in their unit.

Part 20: in which we get to see what Owen's like when he's not caught amongst various relatives.

Part 21: in which the situation is discussed from an Other point of view.

Part 22: in which Tilly decides to keep on, although with a lot less enthusiasm than she had a few weeks ago.

Part 23: in which Tilly receives further communications.

Part 24: in which Tilly tries to run away, at least mentally.

Part 25: in which Tilly finds it frighteningly easy to have an encounter with the hostiles.

Part 26: in which Tilly gets discussed from an Other point of view.

Part 27: in which Tilly finds out that no, she did see it right the first time.

Part 28: in which Tilly is shown where the door in the ground leads.

Part 29: in which Tilly manages to talk her way out. This time.

Part 30: in which we learn more about the author of the book Tilly's reading.

Part 31: in which Tilly muses about art and discovers it's best to take the stairs, under the circumstances.

Part 32: in which Tilly gets invited for lunch.

Part 33: in which Tilly has a very... hostile morning.

Part 34: in which Tilly sets out on the westward voyage to Brampton.

Part 35: in which the Others finally stop working only as researchers.

Part 36: in which Owen finally shows up at the Tim Horton's to meet Tilly.

Part 37: in which the Others regroup.

Part 38: in which Tilly spends some time with the grandchildren.

Part 39: in which the Battle of Spadina Station concludes.

Part 40: in which the Others take it upstairs.

Part 41: in which Tilly, Owen, Emily, and Mercedes support each other against a common challenge.

Part 42: in which the Others wind up in an awkward situation.

Part 43: in which the door shows up again.

Part 44: in which we learn even Others have clashes between science and ethics.

Part 45: in which Tilly remembers what was forgotten.

Part 46: in which Tilly learns that the day isn't over yet.

Part 47: in which Tilly provides a counterargument.

Part 48: in which Tilly comes up with a plan.

Part 49: in which Tilly has more than real estate in her bag.

Part 50: in which our story concludes.