tilly with the others: part 19

It was only eight-thirty at night, but Tilly was tired. She paced through the entire apartment again, not just opening the closet doors but pushing aside clothing to make sure the man in the boiler suit wasn't hiding anywhere. She even pushed aside the shower curtain.

He wasn't anywhere, and it was physically impossible for him to leave that quickly. Tilly slumped against the doorway to the bathroom. Maybe Beth had a point. Maybe she was losing it, needed full-time care...

But Emily saw them too, and she saw a door in the sky. It's not just me.

Unless Emily had made up a story after hearing Beth's poison... but then how had she known what details to use?

Tilly shook her head and made herself walk to the bedroom. Enough. It was time to get ready for bed.

She turned back the bedclothes and pulled a nightgown from a dresser drawer. She gave a lopsided smile when she recognised which sheets were on the bed. She and Marcus had bought them at The Bay at Bramalea City Centre the night Beth went into labour with Emily.

The lopsided smile turned into a frown when she noticed a centimetre or two of the hem had ripped away from the top of the sheet. Maybe she'd try to mend it in the morning.

She climbed into bed and turned out the light. She discovered that now that she was ready to go to sleep, she couldn't. She sat up in bed; sometimes it made her more tired and then she could get to sleep.

The bookmark was in the middle of the table. She couldn't get around that. She'd double-checked several times while she was searching the apartment, and it was definitely on top of the table. She was sure she hadn't put it there.

She lay down again.

"You're going to have to be more clear about who you are and what you want," she said out loud.

No-one was there.

She knew no-one was there.

But the breath after she finished the sentence, the lights in the parking lot outside blinked out.